Robinson Treacher...Back at The Mad House

Web Artist Robinson Treacher is currently back in Sojourn's fabled Madhouse Studio to record what he refers to as "...scaled down and simplified" music for a new upcoming EP.  He and producer Mark Ambrosino have been hard at work focusing on the art of keeping it "raw".  Look for the release of some early demos from those session right here...

Danny Kalb, Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld in the studio

Danny Kalb, Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld (Blues Project bandmates) are at Mark Ambrosino's Madhouse studio to record tracks for Danny's second Sojourn release that Al Kooper will be producing. The release will be out in Spring 2011.

First Sojourn Newsletter

Sojourn published its first newsletter this week. You can see it here -

Wake Up World To Be Released Shortly

Though Wake Up World! has yet to be released anywhere - Sojourn has a hard time not allowing an advance look and purchase possibility for those inquisitive enough to make it here to our site. More than forty-five years later, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach sings again about "waking up". Be it spiritual awakening or owning religious identity or shaking off the sleep of a robotic lifestyle, Carlebach inspires the listener to reach - and to love - and to pour out our hearts.
We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do.

Sojourn Night at the Livingroom - Wednesday January 5th, 2011 at 7pm

Sojourn is honored to be hosting a night of great music by Sojourn artists at The Livingroom, the renowned venue on the Lower East Side. Beginning at 7pm on Wednesday January 5th 2011 there will be seven performers featuring Jane Kelly Williams, Dan Lubell, The Danny Kalb Quartet and Theo Eastwind. In addition, Mark Donato, Tom Laverack and Robinson Treacher will be on the bill as well. The suggested donation is $10. The Livingroom is located at 154 Ludlow Street and is accessible via the F train (either 2nd Ave or Delancey stop).

Sojourn Night at the Livingroom to be broadcasted on XM radio!

Sojourn's showcase at The Livingroom will be aired on From the Living Room to the Loft  which began it's 5th season August 2010! The show airs on XM's ch. 50 and Sirius ch. 29 airing twice a week for two weeks.  The broadcast will air several weeks after the show on Wednesday night (don't worry, we'll alert you!). All the more reason to come down and lend your support and cheer these great artists on!

Neshama Carlebach & Green Pastures Baptist Choir on My Jewish Learning

A very nice piece online at about Neshama Carlebach and The Green Pastures Baptist Choir. You can check it out here

Sojourn Records Artists featured on "From the Livingroom to the Loft" on XM/Sirius

Back in January, Sojourn put on a show at The Livingroom in NYC that was recorded for broadcast. The show is now airing on Sirius and XM radio. The show features Danny Kalb, Jane Kelly Williams, Robinson Treacher, Dan Lubell, Theo Eastwind, Mark Donato and Tom Laverack. You can hear it on XM/Sirius radio at:
Sun 5/29 @ 7pm on Sirius Ch. 19 or
Tue 5/31 @ 12pm on Sirius and XM Ch. 30
A free 30 day trial is available if you wish to hear the show via internet radio.

Robinson Treacher @ Conversation Crossroads Interview

Robinson Treacher Live Radio Interview
Conversation Crossroads
Hosted By Garrison Leykam and Betty-Lynn White
Archived interview @;

Robinson Treacher named Singer Universe's "Best Vocalist Of The Month"

Robinson Treacher has been named Singer Universe Magazine's "Best Vocalist Of The Month" for the month of October.
Check out the article at:

Matt Keating Releases WRONG WAY HOME on Sojourn Records

Sojourn is both honored and pleased to be releasing Matt Keating's new release, Wrong Way Home. Matt has been writing extraordinary songs and releasing critically acclaimed albums as a NYC-based singer-songwriter. Wrong Way Home is his tenth album and co-produced by long-time collaborator, Jason Mercer. The full album will be available for sale mid-February but limited tracks are available for preview and sale currently at Sojourn Records. Matt will be embarking on a UK/Europe tour and will then be scheduling dates throughout the US.

Robinson Treacher Nominated for CMT's People's Choice Award!!!!

We are proud to announce the nomination of Robinson Treacher's song "Long Day Good Night" for a CMT Country Music People's Choice Award!  Chosen from thousands of entries, he has qualified for the finals...but...YOUR vote determines the winner!!!   Please go to to cast your vote.  When you get there, simply scroll down to Robinson's bio, click "Vote for this song NOW" and vote for his song on the FOLLOWING SCREEN....Voting will continue throughout the entire month of February and you may vote as often as you would like (Highly encouraged).  We congratulate Robinson on this great honor and wish him continued success!!!!   VOTE NOW!!!!

Mark Ambrosino, Sojourn Co-Founder on the Odyssey Network

The Odyssey Network recently spoke with Mark Ambrosino, Sojourn co-founder, about his experience working with Whitney Houston. Mark toured with Whitney as her drummer off and on in the late 80's and spoke with Odyssey about her roots singing in the church. Watch the video here.

Matt Keating - New video & Review

Matt Keating's new album Wrong Way Home received a great review here. Sojourn also posted several new videos available for view here or on You Tube.

Matt Keating Featured on Freight Train Boogie podcast

Bill Frater of Freight Train Boogie is featuring Matt Keating in his #155 podcast. You can check out the show here.

Matt Keating with the NPR Song of the Day - "Just About Now"

Matt Keating's song "Just About Now" from the Sojourn release WRONG WAY HOME, is NPR's song of the day - along with a great review/commentary on Matt's music and his long career as a gifted and prolific songwriter. Read and hear more HERE

Robinson Treacher featured on Music Emissions Unsigned and Wound UpPodcast

Robinson Treacher Featured on Acoustic Long Island Podcast

Robinson Treacher New Song

Robinson's new unreleased song "There's Love In The World" Live From The Homegrown Music Cafe
Check it out at

Advanced CD Review of Robinson Treacher's "Porches"

Check out what they're saying about Robinson's upcoming release, "Porches"  due out this summer:

Robinson Treacher Feature: Acoustic Live! January Issue

Robinson has been featured as the Artist of the Month for the Acoustic Live Folk magazine...January issue.
Check it out here:

Robinson Treacher Radio on Pandora!

Check out Robinson's own station on Pandora!  It includes his music, as well as other musicians in his style and genre.

Robinson Treacher Feature Article @ Acoustic

Sojourn STORMS Massachusetts This Weekend

Sojourn STORMS Massachusetts this chilly weekend...Blessing Offor 9:30 tonight Fri 2/20 at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA....Jon Christopher Allen Saturday 2/21 8pm at Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls, MA and Sunday 2/22 7pm at Toads in Cambridge