Danny Kalb Trio Recorded Live at Barbes by WNYC

Listed today on Bob Dylan's site is a link to the Danny Kalb Trio recorded live at Barbes in Brooklyn by WNYC. Listen here.

Danny Kalb-I'm Gonna Live-Released

Sony/RED working in partnership with Sojourn Records is distributing Danny Kalb's highly acclaimed recording "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" that was first introduced in late January 2009. The album is selling well and showing that Danny's fans have been waiting to pick back up with an old friend.

Danny Kalb Reviews - Excerpts

Kalb's instrumental performance is consistently top notch. He makes that guitar sing, wail, plead, and cry. He carefully annunciates the lyrics so that their full meanings clearly come through for full effect. Kalb understands the dance between the words and the strings that give the acoustic music power to knock the listener out without the need for volume. He projects the blues by carefully attending to its meanings and nuances.
-Steve Horowitz/Popmatters.com 1/16/09

Danny has finally released the album that should have followed the breakup of The Blues Project over 40 years ago. His baritone voice is rich and strong. His guitar playing, both acoustic and electric is mesmerizing...The album treads the familiar ground of Little Richard, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker Reverend Gary Davis and Jimmy Reed, but Danny Kalb honors each songwriter by making each song his own. If you have ever questioned a white man's right to sing the blues you will never hear a more authentic blues man than Danny Kalb and this album is a testament to that fact. To hear him live in a small room is pure magic and this album captures that feeling.
-Stan Beinstein/WDST-FM (Woodstock, NY)

I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About proves that Danny Kalb is one of the best practitioners of the blues in music today. He has a long, if under the radar legacy, and it's good to hear him at his best. This album should be a definite buy.
-David Bowling/Blogcritics.com 12/22

Dan never ceases to sieve everything through an innovative eye and dexterous hand, and we can only hope that this new spate of activity and releases is the crossroads of a renewed old pro because master he was, master he is, and, the Fates willing, master he will continue to be for years to come.
-Mark Tucker/AcousticMusic.com 12/10

Danny Kalb at The Uptown Coffeehouse in Riverdale, NY

Danny Kalb Trio will be playing at the Uptown Coffeehouse located at
The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture at 4450 Fieldston Rd.
in Riverdale (The Bronx), NY -this Sunday, October 3rd at the civilized
hour of 5 - 7pm. A great way to spend an early Sunday evening. $15.

Danny Kalb Trio Goes to Jail (with Don Wilcock)

Don’t worry. Danny is free on permanent blues bail. Just referencing the great Don Wilcock article title that is in Blues Wax describing Danny’s recent show at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility in Rutland, Vermont on Friday, April 1, 2011. Don writes it so well, no point saying anymore, except that Danny used the same instincts that forms his music – to engage the men who came to hear him play. Talk about a potentially tough crowd. No small feat. You can read Don Wilcock’s article here.

Pre-Release Sale of Danny Kalb's new CD Moving In Blue

Sojourn is happy to announce the forthcoming release of Danny Kalb's long awaited CD, Moving In Blue. To purchase a pre-release copy, go here! A two CD collection of 25 songs - not to be missed.