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Jamison Road’s highly anticipated second studio album, Let It Rain
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DOWNLOAD  "Death Letter Blues" from the new release Danny Kalb & Friends - Moving in Blue



  • Robinson Treacher Feature Article @ Acoustic Live...acousticlive.com/January_2015.html
  • Robinson Treacher Radio on Pandora!
    Check out Robinson's own station on Pandora!  It includes his music, as well as other musicians in his style and genre.
  • Robinson Treacher Feature: Acoustic Live! January Issue
    Robinson has been featured as the Artist of the Month for the Acoustic Live Folk magazine...January issue.
  • Blessing Announces he's auditioned for Season 7 of The Voice
    Blessing Offor, Sojourn Records artist with a release coming out in January 2015 announced he has auditioned for the Season 7 of The Voice. The Voice airs on September 22nd. He's asked that we tune in to see how he does!!
  • Blessing Offor Posts Debut Blog for Huffington Post!
  • Two New Sojourn Videos
    Watch Matt Keating's new video for Just About Now produced by Glass Eye Pix and directed by James Siewert.
    Watch Just Desserts' new video for Tired of Killing Myself - also produced by Glass Eye pix and directed by Craig MacNeil
  • New To Sojourn
    Sojourn welcomes John Brodeur and Love Cryme as the latest arrivals with new releaes slated for August and September. Both artists will distributed by Sojourn through Nail/Allegro and beckon you to catch them live in the coming months
  • Robinson Treacher New Song
    Robinson's new unreleased song "There's Love In The World" Live From The Homegrown Music Cafe
    Check it out at http://youtu.be/0EBFA6MtAms
  • Pre-Release Sale of Danny Kalb's new CD Moving In Blue
    Sojourn is happy to announce the forthcoming release of Danny Kalb's long awaited CD, Moving In Blue. To purchase a pre-release copy, go here! A two CD collection of 25 songs - not to be missed.
  • Live From The Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival 2011
    Advance release of Live From the Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival 2011 is available just in time for the 2012 Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival taking place on July 11 & 12 at The World Financial Center.
  • Advanced CD Review of Robinson Treacher's "Porches"
    Check out what they're saying about Robinson's upcoming release, "Porches"  due out this summer:
  • Robinson Treacher Featured on Acoustic Long Island Podcast
  • Robinson Treacher featured on Music Emissions Unsigned and Wound UpPodcast
  • Matt Keating with the NPR Song of the Day - "Just About Now"
    Matt Keating's song "Just About Now" from the Sojourn release WRONG WAY HOME, is NPR's song of the day - along with a great review/commentary on Matt's music and his long career as a gifted and prolific songwriter. Read and hear more HERE
  • Matt Keating Featured on Freight Train Boogie podcast
    Bill Frater of Freight Train Boogie is featuring Matt Keating in his #155 podcast. You can check out the show here.
  • Matt Keating - New video & Review
    Matt Keating's new album Wrong Way Home received a great review here. Sojourn also posted several new videos available for view here or on You Tube.
  • Mark Ambrosino, Sojourn Co-Founder on the Odyssey Network
    The Odyssey Network recently spoke with Mark Ambrosino, Sojourn co-founder, about his experience working with Whitney Houston. Mark toured with Whitney as her drummer off and on in the late 80's and spoke with Odyssey about her roots singing in the church. Watch the video here.
  • Robinson Treacher Nominated for CMT's People's Choice Award!!!!
    We are proud to announce the nomination of Robinson Treacher's song "Long Day Good Night" for a CMT Country Music People's Choice Award!  Chosen from thousands of entries, he has qualified for the finals...but...YOUR vote determines the winner!!!   Please go to www.nsai.cmt.com to cast your vote.  When you get there, simply scroll down to Robinson's bio, click "Vote for this song NOW" and vote for his song on the FOLLOWING SCREEN....Voting will continue throughout the entire month of February and you may vote as often as you would like (Highly encouraged).  We congratulate Robinson on this great honor and wish him continued success!!!!   VOTE NOW!!!!
  • Matt Keating Record Release - Wrong Way Home - February 19th
    Matt Keating's album, WRONG WAY HOME, is due for release February 14th on Sojourn Records.  Matt will be celebrating with a special performance at The Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on Sunday, February 19th at 7:30.  Please come down.
    The album will be available for download and physical cd purchase here on February 1st, 2012
  • Matt Keating Releases WRONG WAY HOME on Sojourn Records
    Sojourn is both honored and pleased to be releasing Matt Keating's new release, Wrong Way Home. Matt has been writing extraordinary songs and releasing critically acclaimed albums as a NYC-based singer-songwriter. Wrong Way Home is his tenth album and co-produced by long-time collaborator, Jason Mercer. The full album will be available for sale mid-February but limited tracks are available for preview and sale currently at Sojourn Records. Matt will be embarking on a UK/Europe tour and will then be scheduling dates throughout the US.
  • Neshama Carlebach performs with Indie Arie and Ian Raichal
    Neshama Carlebach made a guest appearance on stage at The Beacon Theater in NYC Tuesday October 18th with India.Arie and Idan Raichel who are currently touring with their new collaboration entitled Open Door. Neshama and India.Arie sang the classic Shlomo Carlebach song "Return Again" as a duet and Neshama joined the performers with a guest vocal on an additional India.Arie/Idan Raichel song as well. The Beacon Theater is an iconic, 2800 seat venue on the Upper West Side that has seen just about every major musical act that tours through New York over more than half a century.
  • Theo Eastwind featured in the Wall Street Journal
    Theo is featured in this article on busking in the NYC subways. Theo asks the readers of the Wall Street Journal to fork it over.
    Read here.
  • Free Download - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
    To celebrate the US release of The Best of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach we are offering a free download from the two CD, 28 song collection. Recorded live, R. Carlebach performs "Oseh Shalom". Click to download.
  • Where Are My Heroes
    WHERE ARE MY HEROES?  Jonathan Crist wrote this stitrring anthem in the hopes of recognizing American heroes who have sacrificed so much. Proceeds from the sale of the song will go to organizations like k9sforwarriors.  Click to hear the song.
  • Robinson Treacher named Singer Universe's "Best Vocalist Of The Month"
    Robinson Treacher has been named Singer Universe Magazine's "Best Vocalist Of The Month" for the month of October.
    Check out the article at:    www.singeruniverse.com/competition-winner-85-123.htm
  • Robinson Treacher @ Conversation Crossroads Interview
    Robinson Treacher Live Radio Interview
    Conversation Crossroads
    Hosted By Garrison Leykam and Betty-Lynn White
    Archived interview @;
  • Live from the Livingroom - Free Download
    If you missed the XM broadcast, we're offering songs from the Sojourn Night that was at the Livingroom on January 5th 2011. We begin with Tom Laverack's "Lucky Stars". Download it here. Check back to hear additional tracks from artists Danny Kalb, Theo Eastwind, Dan Lubell and Robinson Treacher.
  • Robinson Treacher Live Interview from Tootsie's in Nashville, TN
    Check out the Live interview from the famed Tootsie's, hosted by Nashville's own Billy Block on Sunday June, 26th at 6:00pm CST.
  • Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival -July 28 - 30
    Danny Kalb & Band will be one of the featured performers at the Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival on July 30th in NYC. The Festival which begins on July 28th and inclues Taj Mahal, James Blood Ulmer, The Growlers, Henry Butler, Amy LaVere and many others will be in NYC at the World Financial Center. For more info on Danny's show, go here
  • Sojourn Records Artists featured on "From the Livingroom to the Loft" on XM/Sirius
    Back in January, Sojourn put on a show at The Livingroom in NYC that was recorded for broadcast. The show is now airing on Sirius and XM radio. The show features Danny Kalb, Jane Kelly Williams, Robinson Treacher, Dan Lubell, Theo Eastwind, Mark Donato and Tom Laverack. You can hear it on XM/Sirius radio at:
    Sun 5/29 @ 7pm on Sirius Ch. 19 or
    Tue 5/31 @ 12pm on Sirius and XM Ch. 30
    A free 30 day trial is available if you wish to hear the show via internet radio.
  • Just Desserts and Sojourn co-founder Mark Ambrosino on INDIEvening with host Garrison Leykam
  • JUST DESSERTS interview on INDIEvening on Monday May 9th at 7pm
    JUST DESSERTS (Tom Laverack and Larry Fessenden) and Sojourn co-founder, Mark Ambrosino will be interviewed live on INDIEvening on  ConversationCrossroad.com at 7pm EST on Monday May 9th to talk about Sojourn's latest release, Just Desserts' Lost in Love. You can see more at conversationcrossroad.com or watch the promo here. To tune into the show Live on Monday, Click here.
  • Danny Kalb Trio Goes to Jail (with Don Wilcock)

    Don’t worry. Danny is free on permanent blues bail. Just referencing the great Don Wilcock article title that is in Blues Wax describing Danny’s recent show at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility in Rutland, Vermont on Friday, April 1, 2011. Don writes it so well, no point saying anymore, except that Danny used the same instincts that forms his music – to engage the men who came to hear him play. Talk about a potentially tough crowd. No small feat. You can read Don Wilcock’s article here.

  • Danny Kalb Second Release Coming Out Soon - Featuring Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld of The Blues Project
    Sojourn Records is putting the finishing touches on Danny Kalb's follow up release to "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" with an as yet untitled new album featuring his old band mates Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld. Look for updates in the next few weeks as a release date is posted and further information about the new recording is available.
  • Neshama Carlebach & Green Pastures Baptist Choir on My Jewish Learning
    A very nice piece online at MyJewishLearning.com about Neshama Carlebach and The Green Pastures Baptist Choir. You can check it out here
  • Sojourn Night at the Livingroom to be broadcasted on XM radio!
    Sojourn's showcase at The Livingroom will be aired on From the Living Room to the Loft  which began it's 5th season August 2010! The show airs on XM's ch. 50 and Sirius ch. 29 airing twice a week for two weeks.  The broadcast will air several weeks after the show on Wednesday night (don't worry, we'll alert you!). All the more reason to come down and lend your support and cheer these great artists on!
  • Sojourn Night at the Livingroom - Wednesday January 5th, 2011 at 7pm
    Sojourn is honored to be hosting a night of great music by Sojourn artists at The Livingroom, the renowned venue on the Lower East Side. Beginning at 7pm on Wednesday January 5th 2011 there will be seven performers featuring Jane Kelly Williams, Dan Lubell, The Danny Kalb Quartet and Theo Eastwind. In addition, Mark Donato, Tom Laverack and Robinson Treacher will be on the bill as well. The suggested donation is $10. The Livingroom is located at 154 Ludlow Street and is accessible via the F train (either 2nd Ave or Delancey stop).
  • Neshama Carlebach & Green Pastures Baptist Choir Single Out in Israel
    Neshama's new single "Back To You" is a new addition to her international release of Higher & Higher, her 2009 album recorded with the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir. Released by The Eighth Note, the single is featured here in promotion of the album's release in mid December.
  • Get Neshama's New Single Here
    Neshama Carlebach and The Green Pastures Baptist Choir have just released a single from a new "pressing" of Higher & Higher  now out in Israel. It includes a new song not on the US version of Higher & Higher. The single, Back To You is available here only - It is listed now as the last track of Higher and Higher.
  • Wake Up World To Be Released Shortly
    Though Wake Up World! has yet to be released anywhere - Sojourn has a hard time not allowing an advance look and purchase possibility for those inquisitive enough to make it here to our site. More than forty-five years later, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach sings again about "waking up". Be it spiritual awakening or owning religious identity or shaking off the sleep of a robotic lifestyle, Carlebach inspires the listener to reach - and to love - and to pour out our hearts.
    We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do.
  • Neshama at IdeaCity

    Neshama performing and speaking at the 2010 IdeaCity conference in Toronto last June. See here.

  • Danny Kalb at The Uptown Coffeehouse in Riverdale, NY
    Danny Kalb Trio will be playing at the Uptown Coffeehouse located at
    The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture at 4450 Fieldston Rd.
    in Riverdale (The Bronx), NY -this Sunday, October 3rd at the civilized
    hour of 5 - 7pm. A great way to spend an early Sunday evening. $15.
  • Crash & Burn Available - September 30, 2010
    Crash & Burn's debut release "Crash&Burn" is out. Listen now! Buy download!
  • Danny Kalb, Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld in the studio
    Danny Kalb, Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld (Blues Project bandmates) are at Mark Ambrosino's Madhouse studio to record tracks for Danny's second Sojourn release that Al Kooper will be producing. The release will be out in Spring 2011.
  • First Sojourn Newsletter
    Sojourn published its first newsletter this week. You can see it here -
  • Musica Judaica Essay/Review for Songs of Peace
    Musica Judaica published this essay on the recent Sojourn Records release of Songs of Peace, a recording from 1973 of Shlomo Carlebach in concert. See here
  • Ken Will Morton in Nashville
    Ken Will Morton is in Nashville having performed at The Bluebird Cafe in a Songwriter's Circle on Sept. 11th and scheduled to play two additional shows. He'll be at the Commodore on Sept 19th and at The Basement on Sept 21st. Ken is touring both solo and with his band. See tour dates for his schedule.
    Ken will unveil his newest video "On My Feet Again" which will premier at La Rue's Backdoor in Asheville, NC on Friday, September 17th.
  • Robinson Treacher...Back at The Mad House
    Web Artist Robinson Treacher is currently back in Sojourn's fabled Madhouse Studio to record what he refers to as "...scaled down and simplified" music for a new upcoming EP.  He and producer Mark Ambrosino have been hard at work focusing on the art of keeping it "raw".  Look for the release of some early demos from those session right here...
  • Robinson Treacher Live Interview Online
     Robinson gives an interview on www.blogtalkradio.com/musiconthecouch with host Vinny "Bond" Marini.
    Monday, Sept. 13th @ 10pm. EST
  • Robinson Treacher named finalist in John Lennon Songwriting Competition for his song
    Robinson Treacher named finalst in the R&B category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song "I Got A Good Mind To Keep You".
  • Robinson Treacher named finalist at Singer Universe's
    Robinson Treacher named finalist in Singer Universe's "Vocalist Of The Month" of September for his song "In The Morning".
    Check out the info @ www.singeruniverse.com
  • Mark Donato
    We are honored to welcome Mark Donato to the Sojourn extended family. Mark has recently released his new album "The History of the Boys and Girls", a lyrical and epic recording spanning the history (from the Garden of Eden) of "the boys and girls" inspired by the Delmore Schwartz title. The tale is fraught with moments of epiphany and sadly, moments of doubt and despair. It is not so much the battle of the sexes as it is the intermingling of the psychic and emotional needs that are the typical fabric of most relationships. In the beginning, we indeed do have "everything" were we able to keep life from happening to us. How one copes (or doesn't cope) together (and apart) is the story Mark unfolds in this ode to love, misery and being "just this side of normal". It's a beautiful record and is wonderfully "head in the sand" given the ongoing ruminations about the demise of the album. Please listen!
    Ken Will Morton will be performing at ATHFEST this coming Friday, June 25th on the main stage. Ken, makes his home in Athens, Georgia and is performing with his new band at theh festival. Go to http://www.athfest.com/ to learn more.
  • Theo Eastwind to seranade walkers at Oprah's Live Your Best Life charity walkathon
    Theo Eastwind has been selected by O magazine to play for the crowd of walkers as they prepare to embark on the O magazine charity walkathon called Live Your Best Life. Proceeds from the walkathon's fundraising will go to ten charities (including a Sojourn favorite Partners in Health). And yes,  Theo got a call from Oprah...and has been rather aloof as of late!!
  • Theo Eastwind at The Livingroom on May 15th
    Theo Eastwind - infamous subway musician and long-time NYC singer-songwriter will be performing with his band at The Livingroom on Saturday May 15th at 10pm. It will be a great show at a great venue.
    Livingroom is at 154 Ludlow Street, NYC -b/w Stanton and Rivington - Get off the F train at Delancey or 2nd Avenue
  • Neshama Carlebach and Green Pastures Choir at Congregation B'nai Jeshurun (BJ)
    Location: 257 West 88th Street
    NYC, NY 10024
    The Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR) presents a concert featuring Neshama Carlebach and the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir, including performances by AJR faculty, students, and alumni
    To reserve tickets please visit www.ajrsem.org, email concert@ajrsem.org or call Helene Santo at 718-543-936- ext. 18.
  • Ken Will Morton Playing at The Livingroom in NYC Tuesday 7pm
    Sojourn Records is excited to have Ken Will Morton in NYC for a broadcast from the Madhouse and a show at the Livingroom on Tuesday April 27th at 7pm. Ken is an amazing songwriter as well as a gifted performer who has been playing his way around the Southeastern US for several years. Rare to have Ken up this way and it is a great venue to hear him play at. Ken is performing with very possibly the best rhythm section around - Mark Ambrosino (co-founder Sojourn Records) on drums and Dave Richards on bass. No cover. Come after work - or before your night on the town.
  • Amsterdam
    Neshama Carlebach just performed two shows (April 10th & 11th) in Amsterdam and hopes to return in the very near future. Met many new friends and fans and loved the city. Here is Neshama and Sojourn Prez Mark Ambrosino doing a little sightseeing. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?pid=5071098&id=507313273
  • Danny Kalb Trio Recorded Live at Barbes by WNYC
    Listed today on Bob Dylan's site is a link to the Danny Kalb Trio recorded live at Barbes in Brooklyn by WNYC. Listen here.
  • Songs of Peace Review - Teruah Jewish Music Blog
    Wonderful review of Shlomo Carlebach's Songs of Peace released last October 2009 on Sojourn. And Jack Z. was great to listen and write about the recording. Here's the link to the post here.
  • What They're Saying About Ken Will Morton
    "Thought-provoking, poetic and ROCKS! True Grit is a GREAT record! I've been spinning the heck out of it as it's definitely one of the finest records of 2010"
         -Warren Catlett, Radio Free Americana

    "He's Steve Earle without the belligerence, a down-home troubadour possessing Steve Forbert's formidable charms. Mostly though, he stands on his own merits, one of the best - albeit belated - discoveries in quite some time."
        -Lee Zimmerman, Blurt.com

    "Without the gift of music, I would miss out on experiencing the raw talent and musical genius that comes from the likes of Ken Will Morton. Once in a great while comes an artist of his caliber. His music is so alluring that it haunts me."
        -Kristy Ensor, Southeastern Charm

    "Southern sounding singer-songwriter Ken Will Morton's latest release True Grit brings to mind a cross between Tom Waits, Marah, Steve Earle circa Exit O and Ryan Adams overall Morton excels at a time when even alt.country is beginning to sound formulaic."
         -Glide Magazine
  • Ken Will Morton "True Grit" Release Feb
    Ken Will Morton celebrates the release of his debut recording on Sojourn Records with a show at The Basement in Nashville on Feb 12th at 8:30pm. "True Grit" is produced by Sojourn Records co-founder Mark Ambrosino and depicts the amazing songwriting and unique singing of a great Americana and rock performer.
  • "Higher & Higher" - Top Ten Album 2009
    Neshama Carlebach's new release on Sojourn Records, "Higher & Higher" has been named in Jim Bessman's Top ten albums of 2009. Bessman, writing for the Examiner (formerly at Billboard) lists "Higher&Higher" first on his list of the best of 2009. See the article here
  • Danny Kalb-I'm Gonna Live-Released
    Sony/RED working in partnership with Sojourn Records is distributing Danny Kalb's highly acclaimed recording "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" that was first introduced in late January 2009. The album is selling well and showing that Danny's fans have been waiting to pick back up with an old friend.
  • Shlomo Carlebach New Release
    A new Shlomo Carlebach recording, "Songs of Peace", with previously unreleased performances recorded live in 1973, is in stores as of October 27th and distributed in the US and Canada by Sony/RED and available here as well. Known as the "Father of Modern Jewish Music", Shlomo Carlebach died fifteen years ago - but his legacy lives on due to the continued playing and singing of his songs by millions of people worldwide. Neshama Carlebach, his daughter, has also played an integral role with her active promotion and performing of her father's music. With this recording, Neshama and the Estate of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach have collaborated with Sojourn Records to produce these fantastic recordings that were only dis covered in the last two years. Sojourn Records is honored to be a part of this release and believes that this music is extraordinary - an offering from a man no longer here, recorded over thirty-five years ago - yet strangely of this moment in time.
  • Shlomo Carlebach New Release
    A new Shlomo Carlebach recording, "Songs of Peace", with previously unreleased performances recorded live in 1973, is in stores as of October 27th and distributed in the US and Canada by Sony/RED and available here as well. Known as the "Father of Modern Jewish Music", Shlomo Carlebach died fifteen years ago - but his legacy lives on due to the continued playing and singing of his songs by millions of people worldwide. Neshama Carlebach, his daughter, has also played an integral role with her active promotion and performing of her father's music. With this recording, Neshama and the Estate of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach have collaborated with Sojourn Records to produce these fantastic recordings that were only dis covered in the last two years. Sojourn Records is honored to be a part of this release and believes that this music is extraordinary - an offering from a man no longer here, recorded over thirty-five years ago - yet strangely of this moment in time.
  • Neshama Carlebach -Oct. 13 - New Album
    Neshama Carlebach's new album, "Higher & Higher" recorded with The Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir, is available as of October 13th. Recorded and Produced by Sojourn Records co-founder, Mark Ambrosino, "Higher & Higher" is being distributed by Sony/RED and will be in stores nationwide and is available here as well to purchase. Neshama and the Choir will be touring in support of the release and will be up and down the Eastern seaboard over the next month and a half and will be out on the west coast in December. Neshama's record will be followed by a new release by Shlomo Carlebach (her father) performing live in two separate performances in 1973. His album, "Songs of Peace", will be released on Oct. 27th.
  • Neshama Carlebach's New Release
    Sojourn artist Neshama Carlebach has released her newest recording "Higher and Higher" featuring the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir October 13th. Produced by Mark Ambrosino, this is an amazing collaboration combining the beautiful and haunting songs of Shlomo Carlebach with the very talented and powerful Bronx Gospel choir. Neshama's release will also be the first Sojourn album distributed by RED and will be available in stores everywhere for purchase as well as online here.

    CRASH&BURN signed a deal with Sojourn Records and started recording their first release due out in late 2009/early 2010. A duo that sounds like so much more, CRASH&BURN describes themselves as this:


  • Theo Eastwind on cover of AM NewYork
    Theo Eastwind, the infamous troubadour of the underground is featured on the cover of AM New York as the main voice behind "busker's" rights. Fifteen years working the subway has given Theo much expertise in wooing an audience and dealing with a sometimes less than friendly officer of the law. Theo is a staunch advocate of free speech and helped wage the battle to allow musicians to sell their wares as part of the 1st amendment's rights..

  • Cave Drawings Review
    Though I hadn't known a thing about Tom Laverack before I unexpectedly received a copy of his newest CD, Cave Drawings (Sojourn Records), two facts about him immediately caught my fancy. First was his involvement in the soundtracks of two independent horror flicks, Wendigo and The Last Winter, the first of which I'd actually seen on Sundance Channel one late night; second was the biographical detail that the man has made his living as a social worker in New York. Harder to gauge which is the more difficult avocation: laboring as a singer/songwriter or working in social services.
    Laverack's newest reportedly took over four years to complete and includes three tracks that appeared in the apocalyptic Winter. None too surprisingly, these three cuts ("Precious Little," "Running Out of Road," "No Shame") all share a fatalistic tone -- as do many of the other tracks, which tend toward rootsy mid-tempo rock or more mournful balladry with an occasional country soul lick tossed in for good measure. Listening to the mid-tempo opener, "Coney Island Heart," I found myself flashing on both Springsteen and Lou Reed, though Laverack's country-folkish delivery may get you thinking more of Steve Earle.
    To these ears, the more energetic tracks are the album's high points, though the insertion of soul sax by movie maker Larry Fessenden on a track like "Running Out of Road" is a particularly neat touch. Most striking of the slow 'uns turns out to be "Dead Dog," wherein the singer comes upon a boy mourning over a dead pet hit by a truck. "I'd give it all up if I ever made it," Laverack sings, "just to save this dead dog," even if he knows he just singing into the wind.
    Laverack's lyrics can be merciless when considering the state of nation ("Blinded by our entitlement, our dollar signs read 'In God We Trust,'" he notes on the lopingly soulful "Precious Little"), but he can also be sharp on a self-castigating track like "Foolish Enough to Think," where he laments his inability to change his own self-destructive habits. This willingness to shift from the blisteringly social (check out his nursing home rant, "No Shame") to the equally self-critical proves one of Laverack's strengths as a lyricist.
    Laverack's back-up is provided by group of steady sidemen: Marc Shulman, who has worked with Suzanne Vega, and Joel Hoekstra on guitars; bassist Jeff Langston and label co-president Mark Ambrosino, who provides a suitably strong Max Weinberg-y beat to it all. Hoekstra's stinging work on "Foolish Enough to Think" is a particular stand-out, though his thoughtfully hooky licks on "Coney Island Heart" are also worth noting.
    "You don't know if you'll leave behind anything after you're gone," Laverack sings on the disc's title song, adding that he's content to leave little memories of "how this world did feel" for those who are willing to listen. After regular plays of this evocatively grown-up set of rootsy vignettes, count me among the willing.

    -Bill Sherman


  • Tom Laverack's "Cave Drawings" Released
    After a long wait, Tom Laverack's newest release on the label he co-founded with Mark Ambrosino, is finally being released after delays with the launch of the Sojourn Records site. Cave Drawings, recorded over a period of almost four years, is the first collaboration between Ambrosino (producer, engineer and drummer) and Laverack. Cave Drawings expands on the Laverack's solo offerings by including rock n' roll alongside his quieter ballads, and melding styles to create a more cinematic and alternative structure to several songs.

    Cave Drawings helped bring about the creation of Sojourn Records by bringing Laverack and Ambrosino together as they worked on the project. In the end, the decision to start the label postponed the release of the record but is a move Laverack does not regret. "I feel fortunate to have this record coming out at a time when we have several releases becoming available." Laverack states. " In many ways it allows me to see this record in perspective. The one thing I'm sure of is that it deserves to be heard. And it's a record we can be proud to release".

    Sojourn Records released Danny Kalb's "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" in January 2009 and is releasing New York subway musician, Theo Eastwind's new release "King of the Underground" in July.

  • Theo Eastwind Enters the Station

    Ladies and Gentleman, the N train will be making all local stops... and Theo Eastwind's new album, King of the Underground is finally here. Theo, who worked with Mark Ambrosino at Sojourn Records (who recorded and produced this album), is releasing a full length acoustic and vocals-only album recorded live on the platform of the NYC subway over a few months in 2007. Though the actual location of the platform is a well-guarded trade secret, it is clearly under the streets of NYC and demonstrates Theo's amazing talent along with his dogged determination to highlight the subway musicians' world. What is apparent when listening is that the talent Theo has for songwriting and for pulling the listener in, exists despite any handicap that the location or fidelity might offer. Theo may be challenging himself while highlighting a location where he has spent many years making his living and growing an enormous fan base - and also selling 20,000+ CDs. This record has the flavor of a documentary without the images since there are many stories, both real and imagined within his life and music that provides a rich context to Theo's haunting vocals and open-tuned acoustic. Theo has been near the edges of "discovery" in his public domain, from encouraging words from Johnny Cash to arguing for 1st Amendment rights for street musicians on Fox 5 News, to playing one of the new songs from the Oasis release as part of the band's promotion in NYC. But he returns to the subway platform where he has grown comfortable and continues to be highly capable of earning a decent living while trying out new material. Glamorous, perhaps not, but riding freight trains in the early to mid 20th century wasn't for everyone either, and yet it is a rich part of American culture. Sojourn will get Theo back in the studio someday soon, but wanted to help him celebrate his art in an environment that he has grown to appreciate, and is at times an integral part of the arrangement.

  • Danny #5 on the Roots Blues Chart
    Danny continues to slowly rise up the Roots Blues chart with his new release. Many stations are giving him some regular airplay as Sojourn swings into third gear with its radio promotion with the assistance of Twin Vision, also fellow New Yorkers. Danny is currently booking shows all over the northeast. Let us know if you want him to come to your town!
  • Danny #7 on the Roots Blues Charts
    Danny's new release "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" moved up to #7 on the Roots Blues charts thanks to continued great support by a variety of radio stations. It's great to grab a little attention for Danny and Sojourn. Stations continue to add the record and At The Crossroads, a syndicated broadcast in Canada will be playing tracks from the record beginning at the end of April
  • Danny's #8 on Roots Blues Chart
    Danny's new release "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" moved up to #8 on the Roots Blues charts thanks to continued great support by a variety of radio stations. It's great to grab a little attention for Danny and Sojourn.
  • Danny Kalb Reviews - Excerpts
    Kalb's instrumental performance is consistently top notch. He makes that guitar sing, wail, plead, and cry. He carefully annunciates the lyrics so that their full meanings clearly come through for full effect. Kalb understands the dance between the words and the strings that give the acoustic music power to knock the listener out without the need for volume. He projects the blues by carefully attending to its meanings and nuances.
    -Steve Horowitz/Popmatters.com 1/16/09

    Danny has finally released the album that should have followed the breakup of The Blues Project over 40 years ago. His baritone voice is rich and strong. His guitar playing, both acoustic and electric is mesmerizing...The album treads the familiar ground of Little Richard, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker Reverend Gary Davis and Jimmy Reed, but Danny Kalb honors each songwriter by making each song his own. If you have ever questioned a white man's right to sing the blues you will never hear a more authentic blues man than Danny Kalb and this album is a testament to that fact. To hear him live in a small room is pure magic and this album captures that feeling.
    -Stan Beinstein/WDST-FM (Woodstock, NY)

    I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About proves that Danny Kalb is one of the best practitioners of the blues in music today. He has a long, if under the radar legacy, and it's good to hear him at his best. This album should be a definite buy.
    -David Bowling/Blogcritics.com 12/22

    Dan never ceases to sieve everything through an innovative eye and dexterous hand, and we can only hope that this new spate of activity and releases is the crossroads of a renewed old pro because master he was, master he is, and, the Fates willing, master he will continue to be for years to come.
    -Mark Tucker/AcousticMusic.com 12/10
  • Sojourn Launches with Danny Kalb Release
    Sojourn Records has officially launched as of January 27th, 2009 with a brand new website (still in beta) and Sojourn's first release "I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About" from Danny Kalb, the blues legend and founder of the Blues Project. Sojourn will be continuing to roll out new releases and adding additional artists every month while growing the label's artist and web community. Read more about Danny and his new release here.

    Sojourn is promoting a new hybrid model for a music "label" by combining the promotion of great artists with great sounding recordings (i.e. Motown) with the power of the Web 2.0 movement which looks to a community of artists and avid participants for its creative, innovative and promotional power. Check out the About Sojourn page to read more about the Sojourn model and artists who are lining up to get involved.

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