Photo of Crash&Burn

First you Crash and then you Burn. This simple two-step path to rock and roll enlightenment is at the core of Crash&Burn's visceral power. Sometimes a sound appears fully formed, blasting out of the musical womb wearing a killer suit and an elegant black dress. The set up is alarmingly simple. Burn on electric guitar with swinging monster riffs and some pedals, one of which sets off a drum machine. Crash moves and sings the songs you never want to end. Born and abused in London, Burn has been a hands-on wizard in the music world for many lifetimes. Crash, a gangly deranged Yank, has done his music time with stints as a stonemason and escaped convict. In this duo they have each met their match. Their self- titled debut album on Sojourn records is set for end of 2009 release. Crash and Burn are an astonishing accident, triggered on purpose and coming your way.